Barry McGee

This guy was born and worked on his art in california along the west coast of the united states.  His unique focus of art is on, “subculture that comprises skaters, graffiti artists, and West Coast surfers”.  I like his views on things in the society because alot of people these days are against like graffiti writing.  He actually says hes been a graffiti writer since 1981.  In the interview he explains to the interviewer that even if you go into another city and do grafiti that gets washed away the next day it’s still worth it.  Leaving your trademark is key because than the other artists know your in town.  McGee also stayed with art as his career because of his love with graffiti but once he started art school he stopped all of his street tags.  This guy right here defiantly has first hand experience with his art and how it just started out as graffiti and grew from there.  I can definatly feel him out and understand where Barry is comming from.


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